LivePerson Partner Directory

At LivePerson we aim to help you extend and make the most of your online customer interactions. Our Directory was designed to help you learn about our complementary partner solutions and integrations. Found a partner solution you are interested in? Reach out to learn more about their offering.  


  • LivePerson IBM Plugin
    As global leaders in real-time engagement and omni-channel commerce, LivePerson and IBM have integrated their platforms, offering a best-of-breed solution that offers exceptional buying experiences,...
  • LivePerson hybris Plugin
    As global leaders in real-time engagement and omni-channel commerce, LivePerson and hybris have integrated their platforms, offering a best-of-breed solution that offers exceptional buying...
  • LivePerson Demandware plugin
    Integrating LivePerson enables Demandware customers to maximize sales and revenue opportunities by proactively targeting the right visitor, with the right content, at the right time.
  • Share My Screen by VeriShow
    The Share My Screen application is designed to be used by agents to show or demonstrate content that is on their screen to their customers.
  • Chat Queue Video by Invodo
    Engage shoppers with targeted product demonstration and how-to video when chat agent assistance is not immediately available.
  • Demandbase Targeting and Personalization Platform
    Demandbase is a powerful targeting and personalization platform that can identify your target accounts. For live engagement, Demandbase prioritizes, personalizes and enables intelligent chat sessions...
  • samesurf
    A co-browsing platform that enables agents and customers to browse and interact with the same content in real-time without requiring installs, downloads or plugins of any kind.
  • SayIt™
    A web-based solution that allows chat agents to use their voice instead of keystrokes to improve the quality of customer service.
  • Creative Virtual V-Person™
    Self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises based on the most advanced technologies in natural language processing and virtual assistants.
  • nanoRep
    nanoRep is a critical first step before customers are transferred to chat agents. Without nanoRep, agents’ time is wasted on repetitive questions instead of serious issues and serious buyers.
  • Mobile Agent
    Support Machines' Mobile agent boosts sales and dramatically cuts customer support costs on any mobile device. It also attends to customers who contacted by telephone. Interfaces with...
  • Watchitoo
    Provide high quality HD video streaming, interactive chat functionality and recording capability to dynamically deliver a highly effective solution for 'face-to-face' engagement for...
  • TA Vision Off Hour Representative
    Looking for a customer support representative for your business who can continue to engage and assist your customers even when your support team is offline?
  • WalkMe for LivePerson
    WalkMe™ for LivePerson simplifies your customers’ experience, eliminates confusion and frustration, and dramatically reduces average handle time. WalkMe™ guides your customers to self-task...
  • Question & Answer Widget
    A quick and easy way for customers to receive answers regarding hundreds of products or services. Demands little effort from user thanks to a unique knowledgebase building tool.
  • Share File by VeriShow
    The Share File app enables the agent to share content and annotate it with the customer in real-time. The application is also suitable for file (content) transfer.
  • noHold
    noHold is the developer of interactive and diagnostic Virtual Agent and Knowledge Management solutions.
  • Localayer (Verdata)
    An add on that allows you to trigger relevant content, such as offers or advice, based on your users' location, even if your app is closed or in the background!
  • IntelliResponse Virtual Agent
    IntelliResponse Virtual Agent delivers highly accurate answers, captures key voice of the customer insights, and delivers relevant offers that improve conversion.
  • tracx Social Media Management System (SMMS)
    tracx is able to track the relevant conversations around customer service or sales opportunities and inject them into the LivePerson console.
  • ChatID
    Start engaging with your in-market shoppers across ChatID’s retail network. Integration with ChatID enables product manufacturers and merchants to deliver relevant, personalized product information...
  • Audio / Video Conferencing by VeriShow
    The Audio (VoIP) / Video Conferencing by VeriShow allows LivePerson agents to escalate a text chat to a one or two-way audio or video conversation.
  • Salesforce Integration
    Eliminates redundant data entry and time-consuming switching between screens.
  • Mobile Commons
    Connecting Mobile Commons to Live Person allows customers to text in to chat with operators. Mobile Commons allows anyone with a cell phone to instantly connect with your brand.
  • empathy
    A business video chat solution that allows the customer to receive live video and audio contact with the advisor or sales person.
  • Smartlive Mobile
    Smartlive Mobile for LivePerson Chat enables endusers to engage with all their service providers in one app. Smartlive is designed to improve customer’s experience via a native digital mobile...
  • SeeWhy
    SeeWhy creates a breakthrough in website conversion for many of the world's largest and best known brands.
  • SDL BeGlobal for LivePerson
    SDL BeGlobal for LivePerson provides real-time, bi-directional translation of chat session content between chat agents and customers worldwide.
  • Geofluent
    Enables instant multilingual communication for online engagement sessions – from pre-sales to customer support.
  • BannerPlay
    Let your customers and potential customers reach you directly from your banner ads by creating LivePerson enriched banners on BannerPlay.
  • RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform
    Enables access to Cloud-Based Knowledgebase for LP Chat Agents
  • SpeakLike
    SpeakLike allows each person to read and write in his or her own language.Designed for fast turnaround time, human translated chat messages can be delivered in as 15-25 seconds.
  • Lightbox Effect for Chat Invitation
    Increase chat acceptance rates with the Chat Invitation Lightbox Effect.
  • TurnTo
    TurnTo delivers instant answers to shopper questions from a community-powered Q&A knowledge base right on your product pages, focusing your live chat agents on inquiries that really need them.
  • Chat Translator by VeriShow
    The Chat Translator enables agents and customers to communicate in their own language with real-time automatic translation.
  • Embedded Chat Window
    Use this sample code to learn how to embed a LivePerson chat application into your web site.
  • CPattern - Automated Customer Conversion for Online Brokers
    CPattern has developed a unique and innovative technology that enables identifying behavioral patterns in real time of individual traders in the Capital and Forex markets.
  • Customized Chat Window
    Use this sample code to learn how to create your personalized LivePerson chat window application.
  • Zoomdata
    Zoomdata is a real-time big data visualization and analytics tool. Zoomdata connects to streaming real-time and historical data and powers an array of beautiful, customizable, and embeddable...
  • Rapleaf
    Provides real-time demographic data on consumers so you can treat consumers better.
  • EU Cookie App
    A helpful tool for companies who, in response to recent changes in privacy laws, seek to provide their customers with more information about the cookies used on their websites.
  • Intelligent Video Targeting by Invodo
    Intelligently promote streaming product demonstration, how-to, and support video to customers looking to make informed purchase decisions or get answers to their post-purchase questions.
  • Proactive Chat from Video by Invodo
    Initiate assistive chat with shoppers based on real-time video consumption behavior
  • Barilliance eCommerce Personalization
    Enables online retailers to equip agents with powerful recommendations engine and behavior targeting capabilities, and connect their live chat and merchandising strategies.
    QueryM simplifies customers experience and dramatically reduces average handle time. QueryM empowers support reps by providing them with fast and accurate answers from manuals when replying to...
  • Visitor's Doc by VeriShow
    The Visitor's Doc app allows the customer to share with the agent a variety of files, annotate them in real-time, and save them with all the annotations made.
  • Apple iPhone Mobile Chat Sample
    Use this sample code to add LivePerson chat to your native iPhone based application.
  • Inteliwise
    Instant set-up, unique virtual agent software, that works seamlessly with its live chat, and enables the flow of customer conversation in one single chat window
  • Chat from Instant Messaging Applications
    Using this XMPP gateway, your developers can build an application that allows website visitors to communicate with LivePerson agents from their favorite IM application.
  • Automated Sales Agent
    Maximum conversion - minimum cost on Web or Mobile. Support Machines' agent gives 24/7 professional pre-sale assistance, propositions customers and collects lead details. No lead is lost.
  • Android Mobile Chat Sample
    Use this sample code to add LivePerson chat to your native Android based application.
  • TA Vision Live Agent Filter
    TA Vision’s Live Agent Filter can increase business revenue up to 20% and provide immediate customer assistance 24/7.
  • Shared Shopping Cart
    Co-browsing shopping cart to increase conversion rate, customer satisfaction and average deal size
  • Automated Customer Service Agent
    Ensure high quality customer service at minimum cost on Web or Mobile. Human like, precise and professional help, multi-step complex technical assistance Knowledgebase is extremely easy to build.
  • Personetics Virtual Agent
    Enables financial institutions to empower their live-chat agents with the capabilities of a self-service technology.
  • Co-browsing by VeriShow
    The co-browsing app allows website representatives (agents) to co-browse the company’s website in real-time with the customer on site.